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Magic Scripts

Make your workflow in Photoshop faster and more enjoyable

All scripts work best in PS 2017 and higher

Magic Scripts were tested by 8000+ users since 2017


It is for FREE if you enter $0 
Anyway, I spend hundreds of hours writing them so donations are welcomed. :-)

All scripts work on macOS and Windows and some of these plugins work even with CS6


Toggle locks 1.0 (new)

Remove all layers locks in whole document, do what you couldn't do and finally restore locks

  • Supports all kinds of locks except background lock

  • When you restore locks... then script will also merge locks created after unlocking

  • Superfast

  • Locks state is saved in document metadata so you can restore it even next year

  • Locks merging can be disabled inside script file

  • First script execution unlocks next one restores locks

Delete unused layers 1.0 (new)

Unlike built-in feature removes only layers not used in any layer composition

  • Locked layers are skipped (unlike built-in feature Layer > Delete > Hidden Layers)

  • Works with and without layer compositions

  • Super fast. Thousands of layers in few seconds.

  • Also handles clipped layers


Text columns 1.0

Convert block of paragraph text into multiple columns (CS6 and higher)

  • The script uses a secret built-in feature in Photoshop. The script only provides user interface.

  • Works with multiple layers simultaneously.

  • Also, check Text Columns plugin. Handy panel if you want frequently use columns.

"Unsmart" - smart objects 2.1.2

Takes the content of a smart object and moves it out. (CC 2015.5 and higher)

  • Puts content exactly in the same place (pixel perfect)

  • Works with multiple layers simultaneously

  • Respects selected composition in the smart object

  • Reproduces smart object deformation, pixel, and vector mask, blend modes, name, color tag, keeps clipped and linked layers,...

  • Optimized for best performance (because I use it a lot)

  • Also scales layer effects and shape styles

  • Can't reproduce warp deformations and smart object filters

  • Can't unsmart vector layers

Transform with style 1.0

Resize multiple layers and resize styles in single step (CC 2014 and higher)

  • Intuitive control. Just transform layers as usually

  • Works with multiple layers simultaneously

  • Supports layer effects and shape styles

  • Keeps proportions by default

  • Easily change the settings in the script (true/false values)

  • Possibility automatically load last used transformation

Fix Font Weight 1.0

Unf**k font weights after changing font family (CS6 and higher)

  • Super simple, automatically seeks most similar font style

  • Just set any font style from desired font family and then run the script

  • I recommend assigning shortcut in Photoshop settings

  • Works for all style ranges in all selected text layers

  • Run immediately after changing font family because it uses undo

  • Variable and multi-color fonts are not supported as target fonts

  • Condensed font variants should have its own font family

Undeform 1.1

Removes deformation from smart objects and text layers (CC 2015.5 and higher)

  • Perspective(distort) support since version 1.1

  • The smart object will have exactly same appearance as inside smart object

  • Get rid all of text deformations

  • Works with multiple layers simultaneously

  • Rounds smart objects positions to whole pixels

  • Supported: scale, reflection, rotation, skew, warp, perspective

  • Not supported: layer masks, smart filter transformation (e.g. liquify), layer effects scaling

Clear hidden effects 1.1

Removes unused effects from layers styles (CS6 and higher)

  • Unlike similar scripts, it works even in CC2017

  • Displays information about the number of affected layers and deleted effects

  • Shows the progress bar if it takes too long


Remove unused filters 1.0

Removes unused filters for all smart objects in document (CS6 and higher)

  • Removes the whole list of filters or hidden filters in list

  • Removes filters with blending set to zero

  • Optimized for best performance

  • Does not change layers effects

  • In old versions CC2015 and lower does not remove whole filter list if is set to hidden


Live shape resurrection 1.1

Changes dead rectangles into live rectangles where it is possible to change corner radius dynamically. (CC only)

  • Tries to preserve the original radius.

  • Sets the radius for each corner individually.

  • Works with multiple layers simultaneously.

  • Rounds dimensions to whole pixels. (Can be disabled)

  • Remembers vector mask density and feather settings.

Delete empty layers faster 1.1

Over 45× faster than original Adobe script in case of many layers
(CS6 and higher)

In PS 2020 and higher, this Magic Script is built-in Photoshop by default.

  • Deletes empty folders, layers with zero dimension, and text layers without text

  • Unlike Adobe script doesn't break the clipping mask layers if they are tied to an empty layer

  • Shows progress bar and info how many layers were deleted

Advanced font remapping 1.0

Change globally hundreds of fonts and keep font styles (weight, italics) (Only CC 2015+)

* In version CC 2015 script can't detect missing fonts, but it can replace them. Make sure that you assigned all missing fonts. Otherwise, they will be replaced with Myriad Pro Regular. The higher version works without problems.

** Everything from the "paragraph panel" is supported. But rarely used paragraph styles including base paragraph style are NOT currently supported.

  • Remap any font to any other. Even if single layer contains many different fonts

  • Unlike Adobe feature this plugin can deal better with missing fonts.* You can use any font from the disk

  • Shows statistics about font usage

  • Optimized for good performance and good user experience

  • Shows progress bar with estimated time of completion for case of huge amount of text and possibility to cancel anytime

  • Only selected layers are included

  • Changes only font nothing else (e.g size, color, etc. will remain)*

Align text layers to baseline v1.1

Finally, the way you can easily align the text to the baseline.(CS6 and higher)

  • Uses a real baseline created by the author of the font

  • With the precision of several decimal places of pixel

  • It also works on a multiline text box. Alignment with the first line.

Color Picker Hack (Windows only)

Pick color from CC Library panel with simple click

  • Huge time saver

  • Keeps designers sane

  • Warning: Reads rendered color on the monitor in RGB :-(

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How to use the scripts

  1. Copy scripts into C:/Program files/Adobe/Photoshop CC [your version]/Presets/Scipts

  2. Restart Photoshop

  3. Run from menu in "File » Scripts"

  4. (Optional) You can set shortcut to each script

Contact me

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