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Fit automatically the size of the document or artboards based on chosen layers. Add padding if you need extra space. Disable expansion and contraction at certain sides and save presets.

Plugin tech.: UXP

PS support: PS 2021+ (Win10 & Mac)

CPU support: All (ARM, M1, Intel)

Features descriptions

  1. Presets list - allows you to change preset

  2. Save current values into new preset

  3. Remove selected preset

  4. Use all layers within document/artboard(s) to calculate boundaries

  5. Use only selected layers within document/artboard(s) to calculate boundaries

  6. Use pixels selection to calculate boundaries. Even pixel with 1% selection opacity does count.

  7. Link/Unlink sides - any change done in one side will set the same value to the other 3 sides.

  8. Resize document/artboard(s) using current values

  9. Set padding between boundaries edge and document/artboard(s) edge. Can be a negative value.

  10. Set unit for padding. Can be pixels (px), inches (in), centimeters (cm), milimeters (mm), points (pt), picas (pc)

  11. When enabled, FitSize is allowed to move the edge inside.

  12. When enabled, FitSize is allowed to move the edge outside.

  13. Once you apply FitSize then, current values are saved inside the active document/artboard(s). This button will fetch and fill values into a panel. In case when multiple artboards have different values only one artboard values will be used.

  14. Similar to 13. Except it will directly apply instead of filling value into a panel.


Add new preset

  1. Input to type the new preset name

  2. Confirm new preset name and save

  3. Cancel and do not save preset

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