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Text Columns for Photoshop

Convert block of paragraph text into multiple columns. (PS 2021 and higher)


Please note: supported text direction is from left to right only.

If you export to PDF make sure convert text to vectors.

Plugin tech.: UXP

PS support: PS 2021+ (Win10 & Mac)

CPU support: All (ARM, M1, Intel)

If you want to use text columns in PS 2020 or older check the similar Uber Columns panel made by Anton Lyubushkin

Features descriptions

  • The plugin uses a secret built-in feature in Photoshop. The panel provides a very convenient user interface.

  • Text will be shown correctly even for users without this plugin.

  • Optimized for best user experience.

    • No no need to click the ok button every time. It is the same as for the native Character panel​

    • Shows applied values when you select some text layer(s)

    • Supports multiple layers simultaneously.

    • Gutter supports these units: px, in, cm, mm, pt, pc (just type unit into text field)

    • Compact size

  • Plugin > Text Columns > Select Modified layers Will select all text layers that have more than 1 text column.



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