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Document Cleaner

Fast tool to get rid of useless layers, groups, masks, filters, effects, guides, paths, channels, layer comps, ...

Plugin tech.: UXP

PS support: PS 2022+ (Win10 & Mac)

CPU support: All (ARM, M1, Intel)

1) Scan

Run "Scan" or "Deep Scan" to find what can be removed. It can take a while but most of the times it finish in few seconds.

2) Review

On the right side you will see found items grouped into categories. Click item to select it and find it in layers/path/channels panel. Adjust results on the left side if there is something missing or should not be removed. These changes are instant.

3) Clean

Once you are happy with list of items to delete simply click Clean and plugin will do the rest!


What is "Deep Scan"?

Deep scan is searching for layers that can be removed without changing document appearance. E.g. red square on red background if both have same tone. Or two duplicated layers above each other. Match must be pixel perfect and with exact color value.

I do use layer comps. Is that problem?

No. Document Cleaner will remove only items that won't affect appearance of other layer comps. So if layer is hidden in active comp but visible in another one then it can't be removed.

Does it remove locked layers?

It can do both. You can set option to ignore locked layers and cleaner will remove them. Or you can set it to keep locked layers. That is up to you to decide.

How do I clean only some groups, layers or artboards?

Select layers, groups or arboards in layers panel. Then click "Scan" or "Deep Scan". And in filter on left side turn on "Only selected layers". This will restrict cleanup only to layers that were selected before the scan. Note: if you select only arboard or group it will include all its content automatically.

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